Welcome to the BootsnAll Writer’s community!

We believe travel is vital, transformational, and the opposite of boring.

Bootsnall started in 1998 with the purpose of connecting and supporting travelers. We have reached more than 50 Million people since 2006 (when Google Analytics became available) - and we are opening up our platform to new contributors because we believe this is a pivotal time in history for international travel.

We believe travel is more than just vacation (although that’s great too!). We believe travel transforms us. Travel erases borders within us individually and among us internationally. Travel is aspirational, inspirational, and fundamental all at once. We even invented the Indie Travel Manifesto because we wanted to put words around some of the reasons #WhyWeTravel.

Now we want to up the ante.

We want to bring new voices - your voice - into the conversation in a deeper, more nuanced, more profound way. We want to ask the question “Why do you travel?” because the question is more important than the answer. We’re seekers here. We know the journey is more important than the destination.

We want to open up our social media following and our industry relationships to talk about the issues and experiences that travelers like you care about most. For us, travel is about learning, seeing unspeakable beauty, walking the world, mastering the paths to self-awareness, finding purpose in our work and play, ending xenophobia, protecting the environment, fulfilling bucket lists, and connecting deeply.

We look at our reach and we are in awe of the sheer number of people we’ve reached, but we know we’re just beginning.

We want you to enjoy contributing to a purpose-driven media publication that has massive reach and engagement. We’ve attracted a fun community here, and we want people who jump into Bootsnall to know that they are building something important.

Anyone can contribute, anyone can take part in the BootsnAll Community. We will be unveiling a new deeply engaged part of our community with Social Media Events, Travel Interest Groups (TIGs) and “Travel Talks" - and other ways of connecting with fellow travelers that other travel magazines and brands just don’t do.

If you want to build a bigger platform for your travel stories or thoughts and be a bigger part of spreading the message of Bootsnall, you'll want to join our Writer’s Community where you'll have access to our private Facebook group, calls with the Publisher and training calls with travel influencers that teach you how to leverage insider experience about travel, platform building and content creation to grow your reach on your own blog.

For timing, your pitch will be reviewed and it may get immediate interest if you absolutely nail the hot tips below or it may sit for a while as we work on other pieces (it’s a big site and a small team). We intend to get to every submission within a week, but if we don’t please look over the hot tips again and resubmit. We want your voice to get out there, but we have to curate the content that comes in so it fits our brand and style guidelines.

Here’s what we offer:

  • We provide a platform of more than 100K followers across social platforms.
  • We provide editing and coaching to promising writers who want to learn and grow.
  • We provide a NEW private BootsnAll writers Facebook group to connect, collaborate, and grow with other influencers in the industry. We fundamentally believe in making meaningful connections, so we believe we all grow together.
  • Writers will also get future opportunities to share in site revenues (we're working on the best ways to do this - coming very soon), submit pitches for commission or perk considerations, and establish ongoing interview relationships with travel industry professionals (from tour companies, visitor bureaus, airlines – not to be used for incentives, but if you want to be in this business those meaningful relationships can support you in your next steps too).
  • We will submit our best pieces for awards every year… that could be you! Can you imagine your story being nominated for writer, blogger, webby, or journalism awards? We're serious. We want to publish the best content about travel in the world.
  • Possibility to be among our first round of authors (yes, we’re planning to get into publishing in the medium term).


Bootsnall Submission and Style Guidelines

By contributing to the Bootsnall community, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. When you submit, you also agree to receive emails from Bootsnall. You can unsubscribe any time.

  • Only on-brand submissions will be considered. We are having a conversation about #WhyWeTravel. For a post to be considered, it must always be focused on the power, value, possibility and community of travel.
  • Want ideas right away? We will often publish Calls For Submission by email to our list, and in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter communities

4 Hot Tips to Get Published:

#1 Hot Tip to Get Published: Be On Brand

The Number One most common mistake we see from contributors is sending us unrelated content. We are all about travel, and we like to think past the shallow end of the pool if possible. Pick a subject that we write about like:

  • Round The World (RTW) Travel, Travel Hacks and Tips, Destination Guides, Why Travel is Good For You, Gap Year Travel, Family Travel Planning, Sabbatical Planning, Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Long Term Travel, Study Abroad. You can also find out more about our mission and vision on our About Page.

#2 Hot Tip to Get Published: Be Of Service, Don’t Be Promotional

You’re going to get a byline with a link to your site or podcast or tee shirt shop - and you can talk about what you do as long as it’s valuable to travelers; but if your submission is a fluffy press release it will be outrighted to an eternity in PR purgatory.

#3 Hot Tip to Get Published: Make the Editor’s Life Easier

  • Include a suggested headline and one sentence sub-headline for your story. Refer to the website for examples of headlines that work.
  • If you include photos, images or artwork with your post, you must own the actual art, or have explicit, written permission to publish it. We reserve the right to substitute our own photos, especially if we cannot prove rights ownership. All videos or audio included with the work must have an embed code.
  • Follow AP Style guidelines regarding numbers, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation.
  • Please… only one space after a period or colon. It’s the bane of every editor’s existence to have to substitute typewriter-informed spacing with 21st century spacing.

#4 Hot Tip to Get Published: Be Legal and Ethical

  • It should go without saying, but we will not accept material that is sexually explicit or contains profanity, hate language or slurs. This includes text, video, and/or photos that are part of submissions.
  • You may submit previously published work, but you must include all appropriate credits and links back to the original. By accepting our terms and conditions you acknowledge and grant permission to have the work re-published.

Some General Writing Suggestions:

  • Be clear; say what you mean.
  • Avoid cliches and what not.
  • Start sentences without the school essay crutches of “Furthermore,” “However,” "Look," "Listen," "You see," or "Now."
  • Rip out the “seems” from your language and just make a declaration. Life is short.
  • Write with active sensory verbs. "The Parisian air felt icy in my lungs." "The city of lights looked frosted under the patchy blanket of gray clouds." "Paris was cold." See what I mean?
  • Rhetorical questions are confusing in writing, don’t you think?
  • Avoid fluff.
  • If you make a factual claim or cite a statistic, link to the relevant research or documentation (not wikipedia).

Welcome to the BootsnAll Writer’s community!
We believe travel is vital, transformational, and the opposite of boring.